Watch astronomers reveal a ‘groundbreaking discovery’ of the Milky Approach galaxy

Watch astronomers reveal a ‘groundbreaking discovery’ of the Milky Way galaxy


This morning, a collaboration of scientists with the Occasion Horizon Telescope initiative is about to unveil a “groundbreaking discovery” about our Milky Approach galaxy. The workforce has offered little particulars about what they’re saying, however the mysterious information will likely be livestreamed at 9AM ET.

It’s possible you’ll bear in mind the Occasion Horizon Telescope workforce from 2019, when the group revealed the primary image ever taken of a black gap’s shadow. Again then, the workforce confirmed off a picture of a supermassive black gap situated within the heart of a galaxy referred to as Messier 87, or M87. It was an enormous endeavor that entailed observing the black gap for every week in April of 2017, utilizing eight radio telescopes stationed in Chile, Hawaii, Antarctica, and elsewhere, after which piecing collectively that information with supercomputers.

It appears potential that the group may reveal one other spectacular black gap picture, however this time, they’d showcase one in our personal galaxy. Throughout the April 2017 commentary run, the EHT workforce additionally noticed the supermassive black gap within the heart of the Milky Approach, referred to as Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A*. Nevertheless, the scientists admitted to having extra issue piecing that picture collectively because of the measurement of the black gap and interference between Earth and the article. Maybe the workforce has managed to beat these processing points 5 years later.

It’s additionally potential that the EHT workforce will reveal one thing fully completely different. Little info has been offered prematurely, apart from the outcomes being some sort of “breakthrough.” We’ll all discover out collectively quickly sufficient.

What time does the EHT livestream begin?

The EHT livestream will start at 9AM ET.

Scheduled time: New York: 9AM / San Francisco: 6AM / London: 2PM / Berlin: 3PM / Moscow: 4PM / New Delhi: 6:30PM / Beijing: 9PM / Tokyo: 10PM / Melbourne: 11PM

The place can I watch the announcement?

The announcement will likely be streamed reside on the web site of the Nationwide Science Basis, which helps to fund analysis amenities utilized by the EHT. The announcement may even stream reside on YouTube and Fb.


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