Every part we realized from Ultimate Fantasy XVI’s new trailer

Everything we learned from Final Fantasy XVI’s new trailer


Yesterday, Sony and Sq. Enix blessed us with the greatest chunk of Ultimate Fantasy XVI information but through the State of Play occasion. Sq. Enix launched not solely a brand new trailer but additionally a brand new weblog and updates to the official Ultimate Fantasy XVI web site that has established a pleasant basis upon which we will begin constructing an concept of what this recreation is about and what we will anticipate.

Regardless of the quantity, Ultimate Fantasy XVI will not be the sixteenth entry within the collection; it’s not even the sixteenth single-player mainline entry, both (due to FFXIII’s sequels and the FFVII Remake). There are 1,000,000 and a half Ultimate Fantasy video games, far too many to rely. That is merely the one which comes after the one with Noctis and his bro-dtrip.

Ultimate Fantasy XVI takes place within the realm of Valisthea. Valisthea is house to those big, magical superstructures known as mothercrystals that grant folks the facility to make use of magick of their on a regular basis lives. The entire main geopolitical gamers in Valisthea have organized their authorities and tradition round these crystals, as they’re a significant supply of energy and battle.

Half and parcel to those political entities are the Dominants, who’re folks born with the flexibility to summon and management Eikons — i.e., your typical Ultimate Fantasy summons. There’s even a nifty music on the finish of the latest “Dominance” trailer to remind you who all of the Eikons are.

Into this miasma of big-ass magical mommy mountains and strolling weapons of mass destruction is one Clive Rosefield. He’s the oldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria and exudes the identical type of Ultimate Fantasy main-character vitality as Squall Leonhart or Noctis Lucis Caelum. Mainly, he’s a sad-looking, emo boy-man who can swing a sword actual good. He was anticipated to inherit the facility of the Eikon of fireside, Phoenix, however that energy handed him over in favor of his timid youthful brother Joshua.

Between the 2 trailers, there appears to be a time-skip because the Clive we meet within the Dominance trailer is barely older (and manner sadder) than the Clive we met within the first Awakenings trailer. Each trailers additionally showcase a little bit of the fight by which we will see Clive summoning a rock-plated fist to punch his enemies. Of the knowledge shared to this point, we all know Dominants can share a portion of their powers with others. That Clive can basically rock punch folks tells us that, someplace alongside his journey, he’s connected with or defeated Hugo Kupka, the Eikon of earth. We’ve additionally been launched to Benedikta Harman, Dominant of the wind Eikon Garuda. I’m not fairly positive if these Dominants are social gathering members to befriend or boss fights to beat.

Screenshot of Final Fantasy XVI gameplay featuring blurs of magical particle effects hitting an enemy as an example of using the Eikon Shiva’s ice powers.

Picture: Sq. Enix

Primarily based on what I’ve gleaned from the trailers, every Eikon is an avatar of a specific factor, and just one factor could be represented by an Eikon at a time. Titan is the Eikon of Earth, Garuda is the Eikon of wind, Bahamut is the Eikon of… dragon powers, I assume, and so forth and so forth. Joshua controls the Eikon of fireside, however it looks as if one thing occurs to him that causes him to turn into possessed by a second Eikon of fireside, Ifrit. Now, Joshua has two Eikons in the identical physique, a idea supported by the FFXVI emblem, which options each Phoenix and Ifrit seemingly locked in battle. I’m guessing that one of many details of the story is Clive attempting to determine the best way to free his brother from the warring Eikons whereas the opposite nations need to management him as a weapon.

One other half to determining what we’re in retailer for with this recreation is analyzing who’s main the staff making it. Naoki thee Yoshida is the sport’s HPIC or Head Producer in Cost. If you happen to’re new right here, Yoshida is principally the man who led the resurrection of the rotting corpse of Ultimate Fantasy XIV 1.0 after its disastrous preliminary launch and turned it into the now endlessly meme’d, critically-acclaimed MMORP — you get the purpose. With Yoshida helming it, no matter FFXVI can be, it’s gonna be distinctive.

Proper subsequent to Yoshida on the get-hype record is fight director Ryota Suzuki, who helped design the fight programs for Satan Might Cry 5 and the Dragon’s Dogma collection. In perusing the record of builders, I used to be a bit disheartened to not see my lady Natsuko Ishikawa answerable for the sport’s story. Ishikawa wrote each Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions and is principally the explanation why practically each Ultimate Fantasy XIV participant appears to be like like they’ve been run over by an emotional steamroller and can burst into tears at any time when somebody breathes “keep in mind” too softly. Nonetheless, Kazutoyo Maehiro, the man who’s FFXVI’s inventive director, wrote the Heavensward growth which is among the most excellent Ultimate Fantasy experiences within the recreation’s 35-year historical past. So, for no matter occurs in Ultimate Fantasy XVI, know that you can be in your emotions.

Rounding out the record of builders is a particular identify, the composer Masayoshi Soken. As a protracted, lengthy time Ultimate Fantasy nerd, I believed Nobuo Uematsu was the head of Ultimate Fantasy music. He nonetheless may be, however Soken proves there’s simply one thing particular occurring at Inventive Enterprise Unit III’s music division. Soken was the first composer for the FFXIV expansions. He gave us “Heavensward,” “Wayward Daughter,” “Shadowbringers,” “Footfalls,” and “Circulation” — bangers, each one. Final 12 months, through the FFXIV Digital Fan Fest, Soken revealed that, throughout his work on composing “To the Edge” for Shadowbringers, he was present process remedy for most cancers and that, “seeing the reactions of all of the gamers all over the world, it helped me conquer this most cancers.”

Soken’s music is particular and his presence, together with Yoshida and the others on FFXVI, provides me hope that this recreation can be one of many greats, proper up there with V, VII, IX, and, cough, XII. There’s nonetheless a protracted improvement highway forward. Yoshida mentioned that, whereas the sport is playable from starting to finish, his staff nonetheless has loads of work to do placing on the ultimate polish.

“Though the world finds itself in turmoil,” he mentioned earlier than the FFXVI trailer presentation, “We’ll proceed to give attention to what we do greatest — making video games. For if, by way of leisure, we will present folks with one thing they will really get pleasure from, possibly we will deliver a bit happiness to those laborious occasions.”


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